[RELEASE] XBC PTR - Nov 26, 2019

PTR release - 3.9.1911.2602

Download the PTR here: https://xsplit.com/ptr

What’s New?

  • Video Filters and Custom LUT support
  • NVIDIA SDK 9.1 will now be used on graphics cards with compatible drivers
  • Updated NDI SDK to V4
  • Option to hide XSplit Broadcaster app from Desktop capture
  • Updated Login Screen

Bug Fixes

  • Prevented browser cache folders from being created on the desktop
  • Fixed a crfash with loading specific web pages
  • Audio Visualizer’s audio source dropdown will no longer be blank

For a full list of patch notes, click here.

For ideas and suggestions, please use https://ideas-xbc.xsplit.com

Minor Update - 3.9.1912.0202

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent adding NDI sources and could cause crashing