[RELEASE] XSplit Express Video Editor - December 11, 2019

XSplit Express Video Editor 3.0.1912.1101

Download link: https://www.xsplit.com/video-editor
or you can update in-app by going to Help and selecting Check for Updates

Heya everyone, we’ve pushed out a handful of updates for Express Video Editor to cap the year off and I’m excited to share them with you today.

Optimized handling large files

We’ve done some optimizing in the way we handle large files. Whether it’s because you’re using really high bitrates in your recordings or are trying to cut up 6 hour streams, we’ve done some cleanup to make sure we don’t take up too much of your available memory.

In case an extensive edit is taking longer than usual, we’ve now added a Cancel button to the export progress dialog.

Added Better Separation of Clips

It got pretty cramped and hard to tell things apart in the timeline when you had lots of cuts, or were zoomed out pretty far. We’ve done a few tweaks to make sure you know exactly what clip you’re on, and where cuts are made.

Split Tool

A staple of editing programs is the Split Tool, allowing you to quickly slice your long source videos. We’ve changed our Split Clip action button into a tool you can toggle, so you can click on any point in the timeline to split the clip there.

If your video has Cue Points from XSplit Broadcaster, the Split Tool can latch on to these and you can cut out your highlights faster than ever.

Want to know how to use Cue Points in XSplit Broadcaster? Read about it here

Mousewheel Scrubbing

If you have your cursor over the timeline, you can now use the mousewheel to scroll through frames, minutes and minutes. You previously had to click the time display before you were able to do this, but now we’ve made it easier for you.

Refreshed Welcome Screen

We’ve improved the welcome screen to help you get started quicker.

Various Bugfixes

This update contains an assortment of bug fixes based on the feedback you gave through our support channels. With this, issues such as crashing on export, importing issues with various digital cameras and freezing caused by excessive memory usage.

If you’re having issues with exporting videos such as inaccurate cut timings, missing frames or audio desync during cuts, this is most likely due to the way Express Video Editor pieces the video together to ensure blazingly fast exports. If you haven’t read the post about it yet you can take a look at it here.