Remove Cookie OK Button

How can I remove the cookie-OK Button, when I select a webpage as background?

Hi! I just tried it with a webpage background in my own VCam window and it’s displaying as normal. Can you send a screenshot of how it looks with that “Remove Cookie - OK” button in your XSplit VCam window?

Please also provide the URL for the webpage you’re trying to set as the background.

Hi. Have the same problem. Can´t press the cookies accept button on the webpage in xsplit. In xsplit it shows the webpage with the “we are using cookies alert”. Can´t accept cookies, so the alert is always on screen. The page set as background is:

I’m able to replicate it on my end as well. I think that feature is under consideration by XSplit here: Webpage direct interaction or being able to cache cookies beforehand - XSplit VCam in this link. I hope they’ll consider it.

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Was there ever a solution found for this?

is there a solution in the meantime?