"Remove loading screen" settings reverts after updating

“Remove loading screen” settings reverts after updating. This is annoying since I am a paying customer.

Hi! I tried testing it on my end and the Remove loading screen setting still stays – even if I updated VCam 2.0 to 2.1.

We’ll need to clarify some more: In what way does it revert on yours? Are you able to replicate the revert by rolling back to a previous version then updating it?

I will not roll back to a previous version. It could be triggered by something else, but I noticed it when updating today.

This has happened several times in the last months. It is a bit annoying as you only realize it happened once you’ve already shared your video with other participants.

That is understandable, rolling back to a slightly earlier version would let us check if updating VCam is what’s causing that to revert. You can download a slightly older version from this link in an older thread.

We were unable to replicate the error. We tried Version 2.0 then updated to the current version (2.1), but the ‘Remove loading screen’ option stayed enabled.

Hi @Petter

Updating from lower version ( lower than 2.1.2102.1003) to later versions will log you out due to change of login token location. Apologies for this.

Logging out will reset the loading screen setting to enabled since disabling this option is for users with upgraded license only. But once you’ve disabled that setting, it should be remembered always (i.e. on app restart VCam, on machine restart). If the setting is not remembered, then it’s a bug. But please make sure to report it to our support team via chat in https://www.xsplit.com/support if you encounter the bug. I’ve tested tha latest version and it remembers my loading screen setting. :slight_smile:

OK, that explains it at least.

I suggest storing the setting “loading screen disabled” in all cases and never reverting it. If the user is logged out, it just won’t work. That is a much better solution.


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