Resolution in Teams

I have issues when using Vcam as my source in Microsoft Teams. If I use my webcam directly (Logitech C920) the resolution of my video feed is fine. When I use Vcam (to replace the background) the resolution drops right down - looks like 360p. This is really noticeable in my replacement backdrops - very pixelated.

Is there any way of setting the output resolution in Vcam?

Same here with a different Logitech camera - C310. I feel like this just started happening? There was a new build to remove the splash screen. Not limited to Teams - also other applications.

You can set backgrounds directly in Teams, just not Youtube videos. Drop files into your %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds.

I stopped using VCam in Teams meetings, only WebEx and occasionally zoom.

No response? This happens in Skype, Teams and RingCentral (Zoom), probably others. Have tried making the images the same as the camera native resolution they still get horribly pixelated. The identical image used in the application’s virtual background option is fine.

(@matt suggesting not using VCam is not really a solution, it’s a paid product that isn’t working)

I think you mis-interpreted my response.

I agree that VCam has its use in many apps that don’t provide background changing, but in the case of Teams, the outlines and capture is (in my opinion) far better than what VCam provides. I’d rather use the product that works better in the tool I am using rather than just for the fact that I paid money for it. It would be great if VCam could improve the background removal as well as Microsoft has achieved, but for now I’m only using VCam for WebEx, Google Meet, Sangoma Meet, etc.

Hello all,

We are actively working on improvements for this:

  • Option to remove resolutions below 720p in VCam (so applications can no longer force VCam into 360p output)
  • Better scaling of background image

Hi. As the thread was sleeping for over one year I want to reactivate it again:

If using vCam with Teams resolution drops significantly in comparison to e. g. using it with the built-in camera app from Windows at the same time.

Activating HD output does not reveal any improvements.

Obviously there are 3 supported resolutions: 1280x720, 640x480 and 640x360.

Teams uses one of the “640” resolutions; How can I adjust that? What could I do to get 1280x720 in Microsoft Teams with vCam?