[Resource] Pre-made LUTs for use

LUT Pack

If you want to try and apply some LUTs to your webcam in XSplit Broadcaster, here’s a zip that contains a bunch of LUTs



If you’de like to learn more about LUTs, check out the LUT guide

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Curious experiment I did was getting a LUT made on a mobile app like Instagram or VSCO.

Basically take the blank LUT, get it on your phone, apply a filter from any app you want, save it and get it back on your PC for use.

Works well because you get the general feel of the filters but there’s some weird banding on dark areas. Dunno if it’s because of how the PNG was exported from the app and back.

Here’s three I made in VSCO

If anyone wants to use it, the files are here:

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That’s awesome news, guys. :heart_eyes:

Here is my Teal-Orange Lut. May be someone can find it usefull


Hey is it possible that you can send me these?

Here you go :+1: