RTMP as source - Black screen in xsplit

Hi Xsplit community. New to xsplit. My question involves RTMP as source.

I have a nginx RTMP server running locally (same system running Xsplit). RTMP server is accepting my GoPro hero8 output. I can see this output in VLC, and OBS.

However, I’m getting a black input source with Xsplit. (Add source --> Streams --> RTMP flash stream)

Xsplit is accepting my logitech webcam without incident.

Wondering if any other members of the community have successfully run RTMP source in the manner, or at least might have some troubleshooting guides to which they could point me?

EDIT: Not sure if it’s worth noting, I’ve tried a variety of hardware acceleration options, and Legacy/GPU/CPU combos. No luck.

Thx in advance!

Have you found a fix for this? My use case is a bit different but the same problem. We are pushing a zoom call to Castr, and I want to pull that into xplit as a source. I get the rtmp and stream key and add that to xplit as a stream source but all I get is a black screen.

Hi there, could you provide your RTMP source settings that you are using to add on XSplit? So we can look into it?

Please forgive my newbie-ness. Are you referring to settings in xplit or in Castr?