RTMP Streaming from Xsplit to xsplit


How do you stream RTMP from xsplit to xsplit? I can set up a source on the local xsplit but it doesn’t have a place for any credentials, keys, username.

When I set up a “remote” xsplit, on the same lan/subnet for testing, it replies with an error that it can’t authenticate to the “local” xsplit. I have tried various combinations of URL and channel names.

I have turned off the firewalls on both machines for testing. Unfortunately I don’t see logs and I didn’t see any output from the remote machine on wirewhark when testing.

Bil Herd

Hi there, do you mean do a local RTMP streaming on your network? If yes, you can do so by using Local Streaming plugin by going to Broadcast tab > Setup new output > Local Streaming.

Then to add a RTMP stream on XSplit Broadcaster go to Add Source > Streams > Flash Stream (RTMP)

Hi thanks for the reply, I am actually trying to do remote streaming, as in over the Internet through a NAT through a firewall, but was trying it first locally. I believe this rules out Local Streaming as its probably a local (network) broadcast or uses (network) broadcast for discovery.

What confuses me is XSplit appears to support RTMP as a source and as a destination, just not to another XSplit.

May I ask what do you mean by not another XSplit? Are you encountering an issue when receiving an RTMP from another PC using XSplit?