Ryzen 5 3600 and AMD Radeon R9 370

Hi, I have several tutorials that I need to do. When I first tried Xsplit a month ago to do them, I was not impressed with the tool. However, I thought it was my 13-year-old system.

It had

  • a quad Intel CPU that had only 800 million transistors,
  • a Radeon R9 370 GPU,
  • 8 Gig of DDR2 memory,
  • a 250G SSD and
  • a c922 Pro stream Webcam

Now this system was a great system. It was performing flawlessly for the work I had to do. However, when I tried XSplit, although I was able to make a first test video, the background removal tool, did not work very well. Especially around the head and the chair (with or without the remove the chair option.)

After reading around, I thought I needed to upgrade my computer. So I did. I now have a Ryzen 5 3600, with 16G of DDR4 memory and a MSI x570-a-Pro motherboard which uses PCIe4. I still have the AMD Radeon R9 370 and the same SSD and camera.

Unfortunately, the same problem happens. The background removal tool shows the same glitch around the head and chair. ( I did try to calibrate the software.)

Anyone has any suggestions?

Hi Denis, you may need to adjust the contrast between you and the background. More info here : How to sharpen the face of presenter in a virtual background?

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I had a green screen so it was pretty much the same color. I did add more lights though. So although it improves, there is still some glitch. I may have to use another approach to do my videos.