Scene audio sorce has no sound

I’ve added separate Audio sources from Voicemeter and they don’t play sound. I can see that they are outputting from that channel to the XSplit mixer in windows sound settings so it’s getting to XSplit, but it doesn’t show up in XSplit. I’ve looked to make sure nothing is muted in any settings option, switched the added audio source from stream only to system and still nothing from that added audio source comes through on stream or shows as any Audio in XSplit as detected audio.

Hi! Just to confirm that your XSplit window is showing that it’s getting the audio from the source: Is it showing a pink volume indicator similar to this one? image If not in XSplit, does it show any volume indicator in your Windows soud properties like this? image

Please send us screenshots of the audio source’s properties (right-click), as well as the Tools > Settings > Audio tab from your XSplit Broadcaster window.

Thanks for the reply, it made me look further into Voicemeter, I realized XSplit unlike OBS uses outputs for sound not inputs so all I had to do was turn on that channel’s output to VIAO 3 output, for OBS as long as a app is set to a virtual channel you can just select that channel, Xsplit is more selective and I see where the confusion was on my end.

Now I can play crappy non DMAC music to the listeners while listening to what ever I want on my headphones.

Alright, good to see it’s fixed! Let us know if anything else comes up.