Scene transitions never smooth

I’m just setting everything up for a new event going out soon, however I’m having a little issue.
Any time I push a scene live, the live feed ‘blips’ to black for a fraction of a second before the transition begins.

This happens regardless of what transition I have set, even if I have ‘None’ selected.
It means it’s impossible for me to have nice smooth fades, or even have items appear and disappear off the screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there, ByteSlinger!

Thank you for reaching out to us and for describing the issue in detail. Our developers are aware of this issue and we are looking in to it. We’ll get back to you for updates. :slight_smile:

Could you check the PTR and see if the same issue occurs there?

I’ll download it and give it a try now. Is it something I can have installed simultaneously?

Just realised it explicitly says they can be on the download page so giving it a try now

Just checked and that issue doesn’t appear to be present in the PTR!
However, I’m guessing the PTR isn’t fully stable? I can’t allow for any issue occurring during the stream :confused:

Sorry for the late reply. Actually, PTR is in a pretty stable state. Pending final QA checks and minor fixes, this will be the build that gets released to public in the near future.

I’m having an issue with the PTR version where I’m logged into it, but it seems to think my account isn’t a premium account, even though it works fine in the stable release version.

Every time I try and add a new scene it comes up with the ‘XSplit License starts at less than $5 a month’ window, but if I open the official release of broadcaster (rather than the PTR version), everything works fine.

Logging out and in doesn’t fix it? I checked your account and you’re definitely good on that front.

This issue went away for me since 4.0. however, it’s been happening on my stream tonight. Everytime I use a transition it flashes and all the elements load in individually. Very unprofessional looking!