Scenes with skype and scenes without skype


I integrate Skype into the scenes of XSPLIT Broadcaster via NDI (there are 4 people talking to each other). In one scene, however, Skype should not be heard in the stream. Therefore I have not given NDI as the source in this scene. Unfortunately, the followers still hear the sound coming from Skype. How can I ensure that depending on the scene selected - the Skype audio can be heard or not??

Ciao, Carsten (newsletter)

Right now, I don’t believe Skype provide audio through the NDI streams which makes this tricky. As it stands all audio heard on your stream is coming from the device set as system sound which means regardless of what scene you’re on, any audio you hear from your PC will be heard on stream.

If you only want to hear the skype guests when on the skype scene then you’ll need to explore virtual audio solutions like Voicemeeter which will allow you to route different application audio to different virtual devices. This will allow you to listen to skype on a different virtual audio device meaning it won’t be heard on stream. Then, using the audio source in Xsplit Broadcaster you would add that virtual audio device to the scene where you want skype to be heard.

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Thank you very much, @gazreyn. As I see it, is it not possible to automatically set the (virtual) audio devices per scene? I haven’t found an extension for it either. That would be something that XSPLIT could use urgently.

For the main device, we do have an extension from the plugin store called Per Scene Audio, but this just allows you to control the mic and system sound device for each scene. Adding an audio source to a scene will mean it can only be heard on that scene.

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In my opinion, the extension “Pro scene audio” does NOT work. I have made the appropriate settings for each scene. Nevertheless, after streaming the scene “Let’s get started”, the scenes “Blue1” to “Blue3” no longer play any microphones or audio. You have to manually activate the main devices again.

So when you switch to Blue1 or Blue2 etc, you don’t see the mic or speaker device unmute in the main UI?

Sorry. A few minutes later, it suddenly worked. Apparently, XSPLIT needed some time to do that.