Screen too bright on stream output - double hdr?

my output stream appears to be double “HDR’d” if thats a thing, my output looks extremely bright(warzone) looking for a possible fix

I’ve looked through all the options and can’t find and I’m hoping to find something. I’m on PC, i5 9600kf with rtx 2080 and 32 gb ram with 1tb nvme hard drive.

In addition to being overly bright everything in the bright part of the game appear greenish in tinge!

Hi! Does the color problem happen in the XSplit Broadcaster window as well, or is it just in the stream that it’s outputting?

it’s not happening in the broadcaster, therefore i have been trying to adjust but don’t get to see the change til 10 seconds later or so

Does it show the difference if you use a local recording from XSplit Broadcaster, instead of outputting a live stream? If it does, you can use that to send some screenshots to compare how it looks in the recording and in the XSplit Broadcaster window.