Sending System Audio to Zoom

I’m doing virtual comedy/magic shows on zoom for private and corporate events. I’m using Xsplit to switch cameras, etc. However, the people on zoom can’t hear the system audio when I play videos or music on Xsplit. The only thing I’ve come up with is using a virtual audio cable and sending the audio preview from Xsplit out to zoom, but that didn’t work great. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi there, unfortunately XSplit is not able to send audio through the virtual camera yet. Current work around is the use of virtual mixer or the virtual audio cable. Where you set the audio output of XSplit to that virtual mixer and mixed it with the other audio you need and send it to your Zoom.

okay, so I do need to use virtual audio cables, but instead of using the audio preview as the output, use the normal xsplit audio. Any chance there’s a tutorial on this?

Sorry, we don’t have any existing tutorials that are specific to that kind of virtual audio setup. The closest that we currently have is the user manual page for XSplit Broadcaster’s audio settings:

Thanks, but that’s no help. I guess it’s time to switch to OBS. I’ve been paying for Xsplit for years, but it seems it’s not keeping up with OBS. For example, ever since the latest update, I can’t use my Stream Deck. It was a good run Xsplit.

We do apologize for the inconvenience, currently a guide we have using audio mixer (e.g. Voice Banana) is for splitting audio. You can check it out and use it for reference here [GUIDE] Splitting music sources using Voicemeeter

It shows the places/settings that you would need adjust to direct the audio to Zoom. For example the * App volume and device preferences*

Thank you! I really appreciate the help!