Setup for Ultrawide 21:9 Streaming

Can someone help me? I am trying to stream but i use ultra wide monitor 21:9 for gameplay. Setup for Ultrawide 21:9 Streaming is cutting my picture from bottom and top of the screen. Can this somehow be fixed? I have put 1920 res into broadcaster but it doesnt convert it to twich. It still cuts off.

Hi! You can set XSplit Broadcaster to 21:9 resolution as well. However, you would also have to check if Twitch supports streaming at that aspect ratio – otherwise it would cause a distortion in the stream’s image.

If 2560 x 1080 doesn’t show up in your resolution options, you can use Add resolution.

Ok. I saw these resolutions but i know that twich supports only 1080 60fps.
Maybe, let me try…