Shameless Channel Promotion (Read Carefully)

What kind of forum doesn’t have this thread? :upside_down_face: But we’ll do it differently. Rather than just have you reply with your channel link which really doesn’t do it enough justice, why don’t we use a format that allows you to really pitch your channel and give people the reason to hit the follow/subscribe/whatever button? Here’s an example:

Channel name: [CHANNEL NAME]
Stream schedule: Mondays to Fridays, 3pm-5pm PT
What’s my channel about:
I’m a variety game streamer but also one who involves my viewers a lot. So viewers get to decide what game I should play etc.etc.

Why my channel is awesome
I’m a good darn gamer and talker. Tune in to my stream for just 5 mins and you’ll be sold with my content :wink:

You can literally just copy/paste the above and replace the details accordingly. Probably goes without saying but this is open to anyone regardless of where you’re streaming to. Doesn’t even have to be a stream. Can be a YouTube channel, doesn’t matter.

Finally, this wouldn’t be as beneficial if everything is just about posting and pitching channels. Before writing yours, please take the time to have a look at the channels posted above you. Doesn’t have to be all of course but remember content creation goes both ways. You gotta give before you receive. :relaxed:

So fire away! :fire: