With the use of XSplit Broadcaster 3.9.1912.1008 I also use SKYPE via NDI. Unfortunately, it happens very sporadically that either XSPLIT or SKYPE freezes. For example, yesterday the SKYPE window went black and then froze XSPLIT. I have no idea where to look. I think the firewall settings are okay:


What can I do?

Ciao, Carsten (newsletter)

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Hi! Try reinstalling Skype using this link instead, and see if that version still has the same problems:

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Unfortunately, the problems apparently persist. Initially - after updating Skype - everything worked perfectly. With the last update of XSPLIT, problems are increasing again. One time, XSPLIT Broadcaster didn’t even start. The other time, XSPLIT Broadcaster didn’t quit. Yesterday I was shot all scenes. Groups you created yourself suddenly no longer contained any entries. The order of the layers within a scene was completely mixed up.

Why don’t the developers catch such arbitrary changes?
How can I create a backup of the scenes?
Where can I view a log to try to analyze the problem?

For 2 years, XSPLIT has been reporting to me that there is an incompatibility with a setting in ORIGIN. “Origin in game” is therefore deactivated for me. But why is no one able to fix this incompatibility?

Conclusion after 2 years of XSPLIT: unstable!
Customer experience: Bad.
There have of course been positive experiences, but they don’t belong here at the moment.

CIao, Carsten

P.S.: Skype-Version

You can retrieve backups of previous presentations using the folder shown here:

Regarding logs that can be used for troubleshooting those problems: We would recommend getting in touch with Support via the live chat at,