Smart window capture causing computer freezing

I’ve been trying to narrow this problem down, but so far no luck.
If I happen to capture a window with smart selection and then resize Xsplit (the program itself, not the window capture) the entire PC freezes requiring a restart. No blue screen or anything.

Hi! Just to make sure you’re on the current build: What version number does it show if you go to Help > About in the XSplit Broadcaster window?

Does it also freeze if you create an entirely new empty presentation, then add just the window capture source?

Hey there!
I’m currently running version 4.1.2104.2304, although this problem appeared in the previous version and I ended up updating to the current version to try to fix it. New empty presentations also have this problem.

It might be good to have the Support team look into this so they can check your specs. You can reach them via live chat at:

Will do! Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi there, our developers would like for you to give this Microsoft troubleshooter on finding out what could be causing PC to freeze/crash.

Here is how: Advanced troubleshooting for Windows-based computer freeze issues - Windows Client Management | Microsoft Docs

Which particular task should I be doing first, as there is a lot here?