Sony A6100 Freezing when used with Zoom & XSplit Broadcaster

I’ve started having the issue of XSplit freezing entirely when I use the DSLR. It’s fine when I use other webcams. The problem mostly happens when I using Zoom for RPG streams/talk show type things. I’ll be fine in Zoom, then when I open XSplit, everything freezes and I have to close XSplit to get the camera to respond.

It’s started after a couple of windows updates. I’ve also experienced freezing in XSplit itself. I’m not sure if it’s a mismatch on the resolution of the monitor and game but Baldur’s Gate 3 kept freezing in XSplit while the game itself was fine.

Hi! We’ll need to clarify that setup some more – what capture device are you using to connect the DSLR as a video source in XSplit Broadcaster? How much CPU and GPU usage does it show in your XSplit Broadcaster window when it freezes?

We’ll also need to check which version of XSplit Broadcaster you’re running – what version number does it show from your Help > About window?

In addition to that, what video processing mode do you have set in XSplit Broadcaster’s Tools > Settings > Advanced tab?

Hello, I am using an Elgato cam link to connect the DSLR to my computer and it’s picked up as a video source.

I’m using XSplit version v4.0 (4.0.2007.2909)

Thank you for that, on the Advanced tab can you uncheck media foundation engine for video playback then click on Apply to save changes then restart XSplit when prompted. After that restart, add the capture card again and see if issue persists.

Could you also send us a saved copy of your MSINFO. Here is how you can get the MSINFO: