Sound delay on ip live stream

I’ve just started stream HS basketball games with xsplit free to YouTube live. I’ve been trying everything to correct a 2 second sound delay but have had no luck. I’m using an ip camera (ubiquiti g3 dome) for the video and sound. Any have any ideas on what I can try to fix this?

Hi! We’ll need to clarify where the delay is. Is it in a specific source like the IP camera feed, or is it in your own mic?

Do you have any sample stream links or video files where it’s affected by the delay, for reference?

Easiest place to see it is the 37 minute mark. the buzzer goes off right as the clock hits zero. I do get a message from Youtube about my bitrate on sound should 128 but Xsplit wont go above 90 on the free version.

Sorry forgot to mention the source is from the IP Camera.

Does the sound still have a delay if you enable the Delay option in XSplit Broadcaster’s audio settings?

If the issue persists, I recommend contacting the Support team via live chat in the link below. They can assist further with troubleshooting this.