Sound to Facebook

Is there a way to stream to Facebook without having to switch to mono. Everytime we send a stereo feed, we get complaints with those with older devices that the sound is distorted and I was able to hear it from myself. The weird thing is we multicast to YouTube and send a stereo feed and it works just fine for everyone.

When we switch it to mono, it works for everyone but with being a church service, the music sounds terrible.

Anyone got a way to be able to keep our stereo quality and work for everyone for Facebook?

Hi there, could you send us screenshot of your stream settings for both Facebook and Youtube? And, screenshot of your Audio tab on Tools > Settings of XSplit?

Also, what are the sources added in XSplit Broadcsater that you use for your stream?

Sorry for the delay. Here are the screenshots requested. We use an HDMI capture card that pulls the video from our camera station and the sound from our X32 sound board


Hi! Aside from those screenshots, we’ll also need to see specifically what sources are added to the scene – please send us screenshots of the XSplit Broadcaster window itself. That would help us determine if changes need to be made in the sources’ properties, or in the audio settings.

Do you also have any links for previous sample streams that were affected by the audio issues, for reference?

I will take a screenshot of the settings when I get back to the church this evening for service. Here is a link to a Facebook service where we have to push a mono feed. When we changed it to stereo, we had people complain…

Thanks for all the info so far. Have you tried changing the Microphone mono mix setting to Copy left to right or Copy right to left? Thatmay be what’s causing it to distort unless the stream is set to mono.


Would that come into play when we aren’t using a mic? We use system sound for the stream.

Hi there, yes that option would not affect the system sound audio so no need to change it and just set it to None.

Can you go to Advanced tab and enable WASAPI then click on Apply to save changes, and to make sure how are you capturing the audio on your speaker? Are you using a Mixer? If yes, what Mixer are you using?

I believed that worked! We had nobody complain for our service tonight, although we have about 15% of our normal Sunday population tonight. We will find out for sure on Sunday!

We use the X32 for our sound board

Welp…I spoke too soon. Sunday we got complaints that it was sounding weird. I got to hear it from a phone (which of course is older) that it sounded distorted, so we had to revert to mono. I can’t believe there isn’t a way for us to post to Facebook in stereo and it work for all phones/devices.

Any other ideas? I would really like to start pushing a stereo sound to Facebook like we do YouTube.

We will need some more details about your audio setup. Are you using a hardware mixer to capture the audio on your speaker? If yes, which specific mixer are you using?

We highly recommend reaching out to Support via their live chat for further assistance. You can reach them at: