Source RTMP Stream - without Adobe Flash Installed

Hi there,

I am trying to connect to an RTMP stream as a Source in XSplit where I have a MonaServer running locally, capturing the feed from a GoPro Hero 8 Black camera. This is all working fine on the GoPro and the MonaServer.

However, when I am trying to add that Source in XSplit Broadcaster 4.0.2007.2911 via:

Add Source / Streams / Flash Stream (RTMP)

Straight away I get the error message appearing telling me that:

“Flash Player for Windows Internet Explorer is required for this feature to work.”

I have, as well as many (millions?) of others in January 2021 uninstalled Flash due to Adobe dropping support for it and now you cannot download it anymore, at least not from anywhere I can find that is “legitimate”.

In the meantime I have had to resort to using OBS which natively supports connectivity via it’s “Add VLC” source option, which hooks into the same RTMP URL as MonaServer is hosting. VLC doesn’t even need to be running. So I am not sure what type of integration they have going on there but it works right out-of-the-box.

For me, I am currently dead in the water with XSplit unless a solution can be found. To clarify, I have never used OBS before, I’ve been an XSplit customer for over 7 years. The timing is awful because I am trying to set up for live-streaming, first time in years and if I had known about this I would not have removed Flash from my system.

Any thoughts? Can XSplit hook into VLC in the same manner without having to rely on Adobe Flash being installed?

Thanks very much.


Hello James,

This is a great alternative since flash has reached the end of its life. You may post this to our suggestion page to this link: . This will be a great help on improving your Streaming experience.