Source Window Toggle to Full Screen?

Is there a way to toggle a video source window to full screen in a scene?

I would like to have multiple video source windows in a scene and be able to bring one to the foreground full screen, then toggle it back to it’s original position. Is this doable?

You can toggle a video source window to full screen in a scene using the Scene Presets. Also, do keep in mind that toggling a video source window using scene presets will show a transition of your video source window getting bigger until it is shown on full screen. You can know more about it here:

Thanks for this. I’m not seeing a way to do this though. There’s a little dropdown next to the “scene” field. I can add a “preset” and I can change the speed and in/out, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Also… if I hover over the preset number (little black squares) I get a tooltip that says “Go to preset 1”, “…2”… etc. But when I click on it, it doesn’t take me anywhere. The video tutorial included here doesn’t illuminate (the guy is talking really fast and the version of the software he’s using looks to be different). Any tutorials in the online help for this? I’m not seeing any…

Can you provide us with more information on how you are setting up your presets by recording your screen while you’re at it and sending it to us? Have you tried changing the size and position of your sources on each preset?

Hi, Paonda. I think that’s my problem. I can’t figure out how to even access "presets’. (?) How is that done? Clicking on the small present squares does not take me anywhere, and I haven’t found access through any other menu item. I’ve included a screen shot to show you waht I’m talking about. Thanks!

Okay so once you’ve added a new preset, you can make changes whilst that preset is selected (i.e. number 2 will be highlighted in black), then when you switch to 1, you’ll notice it switched between them both.

Here’s an old tweet of me showing it -