Stop Auto Posting Stream to Timeline

Hi, just curious where the setting is on Gamecaster or Facebook.
I want to stream live but I don’t want my video posted to my FB page until I edit it.

Hi! Gamecaster would always stream live to your Facebook page. However, the Scene Editor doesn’t automatically save changes – you would always have to hit Save at the upper-right before the changes are reflected in the Gamecaster studio.

If you want to edit the footage before it shows up on the page, it’s advisable that you Record it locally first, then upload the edited footage instead.

I understand that Gamecaster will stream live to my page, however its AUTO posting the finished stream, I don’t want it to.
I already record locally.
I would like to end the live stream without it Auto posting to my page, right now that is what it’s doing. Thanks for the reply.

On Facebook, the stream would automatically be posted on your Timeline or Page as intended by Facebook. For now what I can advise is to delete this stream in your Timelime or Page or set it to Private/Only Me if you are streaming to your Timeline after your stream manually if you do not want it to show up after your stream.

Oh I see, any way we can add this function to Gamecaster?
As in, at the end of the stream when we hit stop stream button an option pops up stating “Do you wish to post the video” or is this a Facebook API thing?

Yes, it looks like it’s a limitation of Facebook’s API for streaming. It automatically publishes the live streams’ video once the stream’s stopped.