Strange C922 webcam lag with XSplit Vcam

I am experiencing a strange issue with the Logitech C922 Pro Stream webcam, Logitech XSplit Vcam and the OBS streaming software under Windows 10.

When I use the webcam without OBS, just having the background replaced by an image in XSplit, the video I see in XSplit lags behind by about 1 second. If I then record it, using Logitech Capture for example, with XSplit as the source, the recorded video does show this delay (when I move in front of the webcam, it shows on the video a second later).

However, if I open OBS, set XSplit as the video source, I now get a perfect 1080p video which I can record from this software.

I am trying to understand the source of the problem (for when I want to use the webcam without OBS). It isn’t a computer resource issue, as otherwise I would have the same issue when using the webcam with XSplit VCcam and OBS.

I have provided manual settings for all the webcam parameters in XSplit (no auto white balance, lighting adjustments, …) which also helps avoid delays.

Any ideas?

Hi there! Can you also go for changing the hardware acceleration on VCam’s filter settings? This guide may help with that:

The hardware acceleration is set to automatic (it is using the GPU, as shown by the gray dot)

@wmsmith, Do you have auto-exposure disabled for C922 when used in VCam? We were able to replicate a delay when using c922 and disabled auto-exposure.

Yes, auto-exposure, auto light-compensation and auto white-balance are all disabled.

I find you get better results by providing manual settings related to the lighting settings in the room (I have a 3 point lighting setup). Automatic settings should be left for people using the camera for Skype and that kind of application.

It’s strange that disabling auto-exposure should introduce a delay, as it normally is requiring less camera activity to manage the exposure level. Is Logitech planning to correct this ?

@wmsmith the delay issue when auto-exposure is disabled may be a bug when the camera is set to 15fps. With your current setup, disabled auto-exposure, auto light-compensation and auto white-balance, please try to set VCam to use Highest in quality control settings so it will use 30 fps. Let me know how it goes.

Setting VCam to highest quality does solve the problem (I tried with “High” also, but only “Highest” works).

I was set to automatic, but everything works well with highest, so I can keep it there. This is therefore a bug which Logitech needs to correct.

Thank you for your support.

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@wmsmith We are also adding an option to always use 30 FPS in the next version, so this should fix the delay issue in c922/c920 cameras.

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@wmsmith We’ve just rolled out our 2.0 Beta version with the force 30 FPS option :). Enabling the Always 30 FPS option should fix the delay issue in your camera even if the quality is set to low, standard or high.

You can find the 2.0 installer here VCam 2.0 Beta is here! 2x Improved AI / Hardware Driver Installation / Image and Video Background Configuration.

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Always 30 fps is a nice improvement…but I’m using the logitech streamcam with native 1080p 60fps…so when are we going to get a 45/60fps option in vcam?

Yes please! I am also using the C922 and 60fps option is basically a no brainer. Needs to happen!

Hi, I’m having a problem too. My C922 Pro Stream Webcam freeze with Xvid few minutes after I start to stream or record some video. Any issues ?