Stream ends by itself, automatically after a few minutes (stream se finaliza solo , automaticamente luego de unos minutos)

hi! I’m Daniel from Argentina, I started transmitting a while ago with another program and now I’m using “gamecaster”.
but i have a problem with xsplit gamecaster, when I turn on a transmission on facebook, it does not take 5 or 10 minutes to stop the transmission alone, what can it be?

soy daniel de argentina, empece a transmitir hace tiempo con otro programa y ahora estoy usando “gamecaster”…
buenas tengo un problema con xsplit gamecaster, cuando prendo transmision en facebook, no llega a 5 o 10 minutos que se detiene sola la transmisicion que puede ser?


Hello there Daniel! Can you test switching your stream settings to Custom/Automatic and let us know if this bypasses the issue? If not you can also try relinking your Facebook Account to XSplit.

You can do this by closing Gamecaster and going to your Account settings > Linked Accounts on the website and unlinking Facebook. Launch Gamecaster again and link it back on your Linked Accounts tab on the settings.


hello thanks for answering! I did everything you asked me but the maximum that lasted was 30 minutes, what else can I do?


What is your upload speed?


also with the same speed I use other software to transmit and I have no problem thanks for answering!

Please send us a screenshot of your stream settings in XSplit Gamecaster as well, we’ll see what could be adjusted in your stream settings.

Also, what service are you streaming to? (Twitch/YouTube/Facebook)

I’m broadcasting on facebook, thanks for replying

Try this first: Lower the resolution to 720p, frame rate to 30 fps, and bitrate to 4000 Kbps. This is to check that with Facebook’s guidelines for stream settings:

I am having the exact same problem. It wasn’t happening before, just recently. Also, where do I change the bitrate?

You can change the stream settings in XSplit Gamecaster’s Settings tab, as shown here: