Stream Info Widget causes slight studder

The Stream Info Widget causes my game to have a timed skip.
Hard to describe the symptom but it’s timed, like a tick,tick,tick graphic skipping. Like counting seconds on a clock.
It is only slight but noticeable.

It is definitely related to the Stream Info Widget.
If I turn off the “stream info widget” then the timed jitter/skip is gone. When I turn it back on again the timed jitter is back.

Computer specs are not starving at all. 7900x intel, 32GB, SD drive and 2080ti rog strix.
I’m streaming with the GPU on max quality and it’s great no cpu or gpu overload at all.

Has anyone else noticed any issues similar to this with any overlay widgets ?

Hi there, may I ask which version of XSplit Broadcaster are you using? And, is the game you are capturing in window mode or fullscreen?

Version 3.9.1912.1008

In Windowed borderless mode with triple screen setup / nvidia surround

The game is iracing but even if I go to single screen and just watch a race or go to spectator mode it does react the same way.

Also if I change resolution and/or broadcast resolutions to make it easier for the GPU or CPU it’s no effect all the same even with little to no CPU / GPU use.

I will test some more but I believe the “chat and events” widget also have this effect while they are visible but not when they disappear after 30 seconds etc.

The stream info widget makes the skip effect weather it’s visible or disappeared.

I’ll confirm this again later today but I recall making the “chat and event” widget disappear for after 30 seconds for this reason after testing from what I remember. I will confirm this again later this evening.


Thank you for getting back to us, for your next test I advise updating to the latest version of XSplit Broadcaster. To do so go to Help > Check for updates or get it here

I have updated but have not tried the widgets yet, I’ll try this hopefully later today. Thanks

I have updated to the latest xsplit and there is not change.

chat = no jitter while overlay, but as it disappears there is jitter once disappeared there is no jitter
events = no jitter while visible but as it disappears there is jitter and once disappeared there is no jitter
stream info = jitter all the time while visible or disappeared.

It’s a timed jitter like a clock ticking or something. So instead of the clock ticking like tic,tic,tic it’s a jit,jit,jit, or skip,skip,skip. Very slight but it’s there.

Very strange and hard to describe but it’s related to the widgets for sure. If I turn off the widgets the jitter is gone.
I do run other overlay on my stream too and not sure they are having an effect I will try widgets without the other overlay next to see if this has an effect.

Keeping in mind that it’s in the game playing itself not just the stream.


Sorry to hear that the issue persists, could you generate a debugview log file for us? First, launch XSplit Broadcaster then go to Tools > Settings > Advanced tab and enable enhanced logging then click on Apply.

After that, reproduce the issue you are having using the chat, events and stream info widgets. Once this has been done.

Go to Help > Upload log files and provide us the generated link

I’ll do this later today, thanks