Streaming to Facebook Public Pages

Hello Since about 2 months ago, I have problems with facebook connections through Xsplit. Send a stream to my personal page, no problem. Now send to a public page, I have failed to. For any of them. Out of desperation, I had to approach another streaming software, which in this case is wirecast. It is exactly the same. Therefore, I deduce that it is something that facebook has changed or blocked. The solutions they recommend are always to create outputs using RTMPs. And of course … it works beautifully. But here some cool things are lost. Can anyone share anything about this problem. It’s just me?Screenshot_12 Screenshot_13

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Hi! Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting your Facebook account from XSplit Broadcaster?

  1. Go to Broadcast > Remove output then remove the existing Facebook account.

  2. Close XSplit Broadcaster.

  3. Go to your Business Integrations settings and Remove all instances of XSplit.

  4. Re-launch XSplit Broadcaster then go to Broadcast > Set up a new output , and re-authenticate your Facebook account from there.

When you go through the re-authentication, it should show you a prompt to give XSplit permission to post to your Facebook page(s). Choose Allow there.