Streaming video hangs 2-5 seconds since VCam v2.3 update

Hi – I’ve been using VCam for a while now (previous releases to 2.3) – it’s always worked great. Since upgrading to v2.3 a few weeks ago, I have people complaining that my video is frozen. Sure enough it “hangs” for 2-5 seconds both in vCam and the downstream Video Conferencing software (WebEx, MS Teams, Zoom Etc).

I’ve been playing around with turning off Automatic Hardware acceleration and found that if I set my Primary GPU as Intel UHD620 and secondary as NVIDIA Quadro P500 – I have fluid movement, but rendering is not as expected. For example, presenting an open hand palm to the camera for example - fingers spread open – the background image between fingers (you see the actual background). If I flip the Primary/Secondary around, I get better virtual background but the video hangs as described (2-5 seconds).

Never had this problem during earlier releases of VCam – is this a known problem?

Specifics here are:
Lenovo P52 w/ 32G RAM
Intel i7-8650U@1.9GHz
Windows 10
VCam 2.3.2105.2001
FrontEnd 2.3.2106.0101
Driver 1.0.2103.1501
Smdnn 1.0.2104.2701