Streaming Zoom Chat / Live Music


Thanks for help as always …

I’m about to go live with a stream and I intend to:

set up a Zoom chat with a friend
window capture the zoom chat and stream it live
ask him to play live music (ukulele, harmonica and vocal)

I’m guessing there will be a little latency so we won’t play the music together

Are there any other trips / things to be aware of please?

Will this work?

Will it cause buffering in my stream because of the extra connection?

Thanks, Darren :slight_smile:

The extra connection and such shouldn’t be an issue although of course this is depending on your internet connection. Video Conference calls tend to keep the video bit rate itself fairly low though so shouldn’t be an issue.

Yeah the delay in the call would probably make it very difficult to play music together even though that delay is usually a few hundred milliseconds. I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work, you have the video feed and you have the audio.

If screen capturing ever becomes an annoyance, you could in theory opt to use Skype with their NDI feature. This allows you to add participants from calls in to XSplit Broadcaster as NDI sources directly without the need of screen capturing.

I’ve never tried such a thing that you’re doing so I don’t really have much more to say than that.