Support for professional multi-track audio interfaces (ASIO)

Hi everybody! I’m thinking of making the switch over from OBS to something a bit more stable. However, one key part of my workflow is using a Focusrite 18i8 to take in multiple microphones and audio sources for streaming music-related content.

OBS has the OBS-ASIO plugin that easily lets you select channels from a soundcard like this to route to the stereo outputs of a stream. For example, I bring in a stereo feed from a mixer via SPDIF on the Focusrite, which are inputs 9&10 and in OBS I can set them to left and right respectively as an ASIO source. I haven’t seen any documentation that such a feature exists in Xsplit. Can anyone confirm if this is possible?


If not, take a look at VoiceMeeter Potato to handle your mixing needs. There are several helpful videos on Youtube to help set it up.

Xsplit doesn’t support ASIO, just the devices that show up in the sound panel mmsys.cpl
That would would be a nice feature tho!