Switch scene on media file end

Is there any way to have Broadcaster automatically switch to a selected scene when a media file reaches it’s end?
I have some scenes which are just a full size video and I’d like it to automatically switch to another scene when it finishes playing.

Hi! You could set that up using Macros:


Ah great thanks!
Good to know about macros as didn’t know Xsplit has them, but it seems to have a bit of a delayed response for this use.
Triggering when a video finishes and then switching scene and pushing live it causes it to hang on the last frame of the video for a couple of seconds so probably best to just do this manually.

Thanks again

Hi there, Byteslinger! We’re glad Macros seems to be a good choice for what you want to achieve. By the way, you mentioned that pushing live causes your video to freeze for a second to the last frame. If you would like to talk more about this issue, you may contact us in www.xsplit.com/support and click the chat icon. Take care!