Terrible stream stutter

Using the automatic streaming,my stream (not game) has terrible stutter.
I have i7 8750H cpu and gtx 1060 gpu.
Should I set custom stream?
Please help me edit!

Upload speed is 2mbps

Hi! Please send us a screenshot of your XSplit Gamecaster stream settings, we’ll see if anything else should be adjusted there.

Do you also have any sample links or saved recordings of the stream with the stutter in it?

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Dear sir,
Problem solved.

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Hi, eelmali44!

We’re glad your issue is now sorted. We’ll be around when you run into other issues. :slight_smile:

How was this fixed? I am having the same issue (with some games not with others)

There are a number of different factors that may cause stuttering in a stream. Which specific games are you getting that stutter with?