Text scroll does not work after last update 06/05/2021

I seem to being having an issue with the new text not scrolling left to right or right to left.
before it was really simple and all i had to do was make a notepad file and and then using the script button locate my file and tell it to animate left to right. presto magic it would take the text and scroll it.

As of today June 8, 2021 when i updated it takes all of the text and smashes it together like I am reading a page from a book. I have not looked at the delimiter and sorry but this confused me
(The text, which when found signals the start of extracting text. If not found, script will show the whole text. )
This is a Real Bummer since I like to have the text scrolling on the bottom like a ticker tape.
I also was looking to see if I can load the last version before the TEXT App was broken. or maybe it was fixed and no we have to use | pipes.
Look forward to hear back from someone.

Hello! Would it be possible for you to provide us the script you are using here on the thread? If not, you can reach out to our support chat here https://www.xsplit.com/support