Thinking of paying for Xplit, BUT!

Your VCAM app is broken! Big no go regarding a purchasing decision. I’ve read several threats about folks having the same issue. I find it unacceptable to pay for a tool and have to keep doing work arounds just to be able to use it. I see the vcam app not starting issue has been around for some time and it’s not being fixed.

Is Xplit dying and they dont have devs anymore or why is it not being repaired?

btw: the problem is simply that vcam is not starting. the splash screen pops and that’s it.

Are you talking about the Mac version or Windows? If Mac, are you using an M1 chip or intel?

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i should have added that. It’s windows

Do you know which version you downloaded? Have you tried contact support via live chat on our website through the support page?

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Hi @melcstory, I sent an update in the other thread. Hope you can try the latest VCam 3.0.2202.0801 and see if it resolves the issue.

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Hi CheesyRambo,
I uninstalled everything and installed the new vcam version. The problem stays the same. I can’t use vcam with my logitech 930 and neither with my Samsung s20 through connect. The user interface of vcam just wont show up on PC, nore the webcam feed in xsplit itself. When I try to choose vcam as a source in xsplit, your paying options pop up. This confused me since it says on your page we could use vcam for free. It would be great to at least be able to use your products before deciding to pay for them. Sry for the bad news.

Best wishes

Hi @melcstory,

When I try to choose vcam as a source in xsplit, your paying options pop up.

^ Possible if there was an error registering VCam’s virtual camera. So the XSplit app using VCam wasn’t able to detect a working virtual camera driver and popped up the purchase screen instead.

I would recommend to contact us via chat in our support page, so we can collect your logs and examine the issue. Please mention this post so I can directly assist and connect with our developers.

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Thank you for your time and patience @cheesyrambo,

guess what?! I found the problem! :smiley: I’m so relieved! This took months or even years.

A competing webcam app which I’ve had installed for years, but never used it was crashing all broadcasting software I tried. I didn’t even have it open and still it always froze anything webcam related. Uninstalling it not only solved the streaming app issues, now also vcam user interface shows up :smiley: . If other users who use this app aren’t able to use vcam I’d make sure to let them know that it causes a software conflict. I was so relieved I immediately recorded the moment :D. I had lost hope already.

I hope this helps others.

Best wishes and happy streaming

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