Tip - Automatically start extensions when XBC starts

IMPORTANT: This currently only works on the PTR - Find out more here

This little guide will show you how you can choose which extensions will start when you launch XSplit Broadcaster.

I self-made a little extension that can be used to launch extensions when XSplit Broadcaster starts. It’s very raw right now so it requires to edit the code to pick and choose which extensions you want.

Please Note: We know that this is a much requested feature (ability to launch extensions automatically) and is something we’re looking in to.

Step 1 - Get the Auto Start extension

Download the zipped extension here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QVnWxIWtg9j4UO0FzP1TybmJUPj3XXgA/view?usp=sharing

Once you’ve downloaded it, extract it to a location of your choice.

Step 2 - Choose your extensions

Inside the “auto-start” folder is a file called Auto Start.html - Open this file with a text editor. There you will see a line that looks like
let plugins = ['audiomixerplg', 'dashboardExtensionplg', 'macrosplg', 'perSceneAudioplg', ]
This is the line you edit to modify which extensions will launch when you launch XSplit Broadcaster. It is a comma separated list, with each extension name being surrounded by quotes. Please note the extension names are case sensitive.

Full List of Extension names:

  • Audio Mixer - audiomixerplg
  • Stream Dashboard - dashboardExtensionplg
  • [Special] Stream Deck Plugin - elgatoStreamDeckplg // This plugin auto launches if Stream Deck is detected
  • Macros - macrosplg
  • OBS Scene Importer - obsimporterplg
  • Per Scene Audio - perSceneAudioplg
  • Presentation Packager - presentationPackagerplg
  • Scene Switcher - sceneSwitcherplg
  • Stinger Creator - webMEncoderplg

So pick and choose the extensions you want to launch and then save the file.

Step 3 - Add the extension

In XSplit Broadcaster, click “Extensions” from the menu at the top, go to “Add Extension” and then click “Add Extension File…”.


Browse for and select Auto Start.html that we just edited and then click open and then “OK”.

Now click the extensions menu again and click “Auto Start” to run the extension. Once running, this extension will automatically run each time you start XSplit Broadcaster which will then start the extensions you specified


If you have any issues, concerns or questions please let me know.

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This is now outdated considering extensions that were previously open when closing Broadcaster will now open when launching Broadcaster.