Today's update screwed the pooch

Yeah, so nice update. Now, VCam plain doesn’t work. Mostly I get “camera in use by another application” and the “other application” is VCam itself. Once I got an image, but it was completely garbled.

Also, really nice how you made the update required or VCam won’t function. Really nice reminder that thanks to licensing, we’re at your mercy.

Plus: no published support e-mail.

Well, I’m off to post as many negative reviews of this horrible experience as possible. LMK if anyone has any constructive suggestions.

Hey @grahampcharles - First of all, super sorry you’re encountering issues. I definitely know how frustrating it can be encountering issues when you just expect the app to work.

With VCam, we take an approach which means the app is always updated with the benefit that users will get improvements and bug fixes, automatically in most cases unless bigger under the hood changes have happened in which case requires the user to update. Obviously, with the vast array of hardware and software (driver versions, windows versions etc) can sometimes mean bugs slip through the cracks. We have a vigorous QA process but can’t account for all the combinations. In these edge cases, it’s best that users reach out to the support team directly so that we can gather all necessary information and fix any issues found.

We do actually have a 24/7 live chat available. This can currently be found by going to and then clicking the chat icon in the bottom right of the page.