Toggle off the autostart of VCam

Sometimes in need to use my cam without VCam. How can i toggle off the autostart from vcam on my cam acess (access via Google Browser).

Hello thomas.luyven!

Generally, VCam won’t startup by itself unless it’s either selected or set as the camera on a specific program.

For Google Chrome browser though what you can go for is change which camera it uses. This guide can help:

I’m having a similar problem with VCam and Firefox. When a page needs to use the camera, I get the permission request, but only VCam is shown as a camera option. My actual physical Logitech camera (which VCam uses) doesn’t show as an option. VCam seems to be hijacking all camera requests. I only need VCam for background blurring on some occasions, so this is annoying at many other times. Firefox has no setting for camera choice. How can I turn off VCam autostart?