Transparent PNG

Every time I load a PNG as a background, there is no transparency. The transparent portions are black.

I’d like to be able to blur my LIVE background and use a PNG to display my Show Logo.

Is there a way to have a PNG with a transparent background instead of the background going black?


Hi there, could you provide us the PNG that you are trying to use? And, screenshot of how it looks like when added on your end?

I have provided the PNGs as well as what they look like when I open them in vCam.

Let me know if I can provide anything else. Thanks for the help!!


I have tested the images, and yes the images is not being read as transparent when loaded as a background on VCam

So how do I use PNG files with XSplit? Is there a program that creates PNG files that XSplit can read properly?

Our developers were able to look into this, and this is currently a limitation. But, they have looked into supporting this in the future

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Has the png transparency issue been fixed in v2?