Trouble Streaming Game Audio Only

Hey, so I’m trying to stream a game while talking to my friends in a party using the xbox companion game bar on windows 10. However, every time I stream it picks up the party chat no matter what, when all I would like to do is just stream the game audio only. Would anyone know how to somehow separate the audio while still being able to use headphones and a mic on windows 10?


Hey @bryanslater88,

We would like to ask if you have any other audio source to your setup like a built-in speaker to your monitor? that way you can separate them to your voice chat and to your game audio.

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Hey. I have the very same setup. I am talking to my friends on xbox companion app, but instead i want my party chat to be audible. The game sound is suppressing it. Others speech volume is good, but my own voice is hardly audible.

I learnt about audio ducking somewhere is that possible in gamecaster. Or are there any other settings i am missing? I want my audio along with friends and game audio to be audible. But game audio suppresses my audio.
Pls help.

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Have you tried to check the audio settings of your Xbox game bar? You can check the Mix settings and control the volume from there.

i can reduce the volume from there, but it will make my game exerience a lilttle different… can i not set it via gamecaster?

Gamecaster doesn’t have volume sliders for individual audio sources – the volume settings there are just for the entire System Audio output or Microphone input.