Unable to edit Scenes

Hello all,

Yesterday I was able to create and modify scenes but now I cant edit any scene. For example when I want to move around a widget I click on the elipses or the edit button but nothing happens.
please help.

ok just to update…What has happened is the editor was on a different window hiding behind the main one and I could not see it. I feel so bad right now. Thanks for the help anyway… be safe all…

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Hi there! We’re glad you found the Scene Editor window just hiding in your Taskbar :smiley:

Yes this is something we have observed to happen at times when you click the scene editor. When clicking on the edit scene button and nothing happens, chances are it’s either opened on another display (for multiple display setup) or you have to click on it from the taskbar.

Feel free to let us know anytime you have questions. Take care and stay safe!

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