Unable to grant microphone permissions


When adding a webpage as a source, if I go to webcaptioner dot com slash captioner and click on the button to Start Captioning, I receive a pop-up that reads:

Microphone Permission
Web Captioner needs your permission to use your microphone. It only uses it during captioning.

How do I grant this permission?

Hi! We’ll need to see that how that prompt looks, to determine what might be causing it. Please send over a screenshot for reference.

This doesn’t look like any of the error prompts that XSplit Broadcaster would generate – it looks like it’s something in the source’s settings. Does Web Captioner have any mic or audio settings that you’re able to adjust?

The issue is that it’s a setting for the browser native to XSplit.

Here is the setting for that site as viewed in Chrome:

Any ideas as to how I can access the settings for the XSplit browser?

Hi! We’ve checked this with the dev team. As of now the microphone’s permission state defaults to “denied” for that specific webpage source, and we’re unable to find a way to override that through javascript.

The workaround for now would be to open Web Captioner in a browser tab, then Screen Capture it.

Thanks for digging in to it, I appreciate it. Hopefully this is something that can be updated in the future.