Unable to open/add an image for background

Hey y 'all,

I have been using VCam for a couple of years now and have never had this issue before. I just updated to version 2.2.2103.2502 and I cannot add any more background files.

I click on “Add Background” and then “Media File” and select one of my .jpg’s but the picture never gets added.

I still have some of my other backgrounds that I added from older versions, they imported on install, but I have some new ones I want to add.

any ideas?

Hi there, sorry to hear about the issue you are having. Have you tried re-installing your XSplit VCam app to rule out corrupted installation during the update?

And, rename the cefcache folder of XSplit VCam found here *C:\ProgramData\XSplit\VCam*

Hey Moriones, thanks for the reply.

As far as renaming that cache file, what should I rename it? Would anything do?


Ok, ,I tried uninstalling and reinstalling (as administrator) and it still doesn’t work, so I tried renaming the cache folder (cefcache) to cefcacheOLD, and it made a new cefcache folder when I started the app, and it still doesn’t work.

It simply will not add any media files for backgrounds.

Any ideas?

I have some older versions in a folder?

Sorry to hear that issue persists, may I ask from what file location (hard drive) are the files coming from? Are they on different hard drives or network drives? If yes, have you tried adding media files from the same drive where XSplit VCam is installed?

Yes, everything is on drive C, They are files in a folder in the “My Documents” folder, and I have imported from this same folder in previous versions of VCam.

I may try to roll back to a previous version and see if I still have the issue.

EDIT, I just got an update from Windows 10 installed, and tried importing again, and now it seems to work??

What on earth is that all about? April 28, 2021—KB5001391

I must have had some security issue?


well, now it’s working!! (or seems to be for now) Thanks for the support Moriones, I appreciate you taking the time and trying to help me out!!!

That’s is indeed weird, may I ask when was the last time you made an update before doing the update you had now that fixed the issue?

I pretty much let windows 10 do it’s thing, If it updates and tells me to restart, then I restart.

Not sure when the last one was, but not too long ago.

I’ve got the same problem an no solution :frowning:
When i open : add background >media, then opens the dialog…
after about 5 seconds the app closes (crashes).

[18440] vcam: JS call DeleteBrowser [foreground]
[18440] vcam: JS call OpenFileDialog [, Media files (.jpg,.jpeg,.jfif,.png,.gif,.mp4,.html,.htm)|.jpg;.jpeg;.jfif;.png;.gif;.mp4;.html;.htm;]
[41940] [OBS] Failed to open pipe
[41940] [OBS]
[41940] graphics-hook.dll loaded against process: XSplit.bp.exe
[41940] [OBS]
[41940] (half life scientist) everything… seems to be in order
[37288] [0505/180053.024:ERROR:broker_win.cc(137)] Error sending sync broker message: Die Pipe wird gerade geschlossen. (0xE8)
[37288] [0505/180053.025:ERROR:broker_win.cc(137)] Error sending sync broker message: Die Pipe wird gerade geschlossen. (0xE8)
[37288] [0505/180053.025:ERROR:command_buffer_proxy_impl.cc(100)] ContextResult::kFatalFailure: AllocateAndMapSharedMemory failed

I just installed Vcam beta on a Mac running v10.14.6. If I try to add a media file, it works for video but not if I try to add a .jpg.

Hi! Can you send a screenshot of how it looks when it fails to add a jpeg as a background? Is it showing any particular error message, or does it show up as if it’s blank?

I click add, select media file, browse to a file, select it. Nothing is added. If I do the same but select a video file, it works fine.