Unable to stream on Twitch even though it says

I am authorized to do so on the webpage message. When I am in the app or whatever I hit to go to Twitch and I do not end up with a stream. It just refreshes showing options of streaming sites to choose from and then there is this other spot where it asks me if I want to get more adventurous with streaming and nothing happens from there either. What do I do?

Hi! Just to make sure: Do you also have two-factor authentication enabled in your Twitch login? That’s required for when you connect your Twitch account to XSplit Gamecaster.

@Batolomew I am assuming that the two-factor authentication requires a person to have a smartphone. Am I correct in saying that?

Yes, that is correct.

Well then that means @Hamstah_Fwend I need to find another option to be able to use Twitch with streaming software. I really haven’t liked how OBS has made things more and more complicated. Uggghhh : S : (

PS: Doing this streaming / gaming / everything project (should be called a job) to better my mental health and they are making it harder to get things done these days with streaming.

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Two-factor authentication is just one possible cause for a problem like the one you described. We can check to see if it may be another problem aside from that.

Can you send us a screen recording or screenshots of the problem?

@Batolomew I will provide what I can in the near future for sure.

I get authorization but Twitch won’t work. Makes no sense. Ironically when I used their beta software for streaming tonight I had no issue. Go figure. Still want to figure out what happened here though.