Unable to Stream

When I try to stream it for some reason gives me an Error message saying nothing. I have seen something similar on here but they try to stream on youtube and I wanted to stream on Twitch and there is a difference in what information you have to enter. I have already tried reinstalling and restarting but it doesn’t work.


Hey Sgt.Konahem,

Would you be able to do the following for us please, if it’s no trouble?

  1. Run XSplit Gamecaster and attempt to do a stream.
  2. Once you have repeated the failure, launch Task Manager.
  3. Locate XSplit Gamecaster, expand, and right click xsplit.gamecaster.exe.
  4. Select “Create dump file”.
  5. Once done, head to the save location and ZIP the file.
  6. Upload the zipped file to a place like Google Drive, and private message it to @Jon.

We’ll prioritise this as soon as we have the debug log and can begin investigations.

In the meantime, switching your Stream settings to “Custom” (and then likely the encoder to x264) should resolve your problems. I must stress though, this is a bandaid solution and is likely not a preferable set-up.

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Will I get a notification when it should be fixed?

Have you ever found an answer ?