Update website docs with vcam hacks for OSX apps

www xsplit com/support/vcam/manual/xsplit-vcam-and-video-chat

For OSX electron applications - need to do some hacks to use a vcam (xsplit or other)

Stackoverflow thread (zoom and teams) - stackoverflow com/questions/61114738/are-macos-virtual-webcams-inherently-incompatible-with-10-14s-hardened-runtime

Redit thread (slack) www reddit com/r/Slack/comments/lgu3gu/how_to_get_slack_or_teams_working_with_epoccam/

I know this is an issue with those applications (and the electron framework they are built upon) but for someone who is new to your software - having this information or at least a hint of where to go look for support on the problem would be really helpful.

Having support chat on Facebook is also not great btw - employers tend to block it and many avoid it because, well, Facebook are creepy.

Other than that, great product, thanks!