Upload widget Image Error: Failed to fetch

When i try upload a PNG image for image Widget in scene editor, it’s send a message: “Failed to fetch”. My image have less the 1 mb. Is it a bug? How I fix this?

Hi there, can you provide screenshot of the error? And, a sample of the image you are using?

Hi Moriones,

Screenshot 1: _http://paes.ppg.br/1.png


Screenshot 2, after click in upload buttom: _http://paes.ppg.br/2.png

This is the image that i’m trying upload: _http://paes.ppg.br/tag_twitch.png

Hi diego! The image itself uploads fine this end so likely something going on between our service and you (Cloudflare blocking you, for example).

A TeamViewer session would be really useful just to quickly see and diagnose exactly what’s happening under the hood here. If you’re willing and able to, just let us know here and we’ll follow up via DM.