Using XSplit and Elgato Stream Deck - AUDIO Issue

I’m not streaming yet but am getting everything setup (super excited!). First my setup - I’ll be streaming from a PS5 and a PC. I have a separate capture PC running XSplit. I was testing an Elgato HD60+ capture card but changed it out to an ATEM Mini Extreme ISO when I realized it has no audio monitor. I also have an Elgato Stream Deck configured to play various sound fx and music with a button press. There is a headphone out from the ATEM Mini which gives me zero latency game sounds from the PS5 and PC. However if I use that to play games I won’t be able to hear any of my Stream Deck sound fx/music. If I use the XSplit audio preview I hear everything but I have an audio latency of 1-3 seconds (bad for gaming).

What is the best way to hear gaming sounds with zero latency but ALSO hear the sound effects I’m piping into the stream via the Stream Deck?

Hello! Would recommend using virtual mixers as your audio preview like VB-Audio. With regards to the audio delay when using XSplit Audio Preview does this happen from the start or it takes some time before it happens?

Thank you for your response! I purchased a physical mixer and it solved the issue completely. With the mixer I can hear the game audio, game chat and stream sound effects all with no delay. The audio is real time which is what I wanted (and what you have to play to play anything competitive).

Your question regarding the audio delay with the audio preview…it happens from the start and from what I’ve researched is not unusual. I found many posts where XSplit support is telling streamers that the audio preview was never intended to be the monitor that the streamer uses but rather just a way for you to “preview” what the stream would hear. All that becomes moot when you have a mixer.