Using Youtube as background - how to remove ads?

Is there a way to tie my Youtube Premium account into VCam to remove the advertisements from the youtube videos?


I’m also interested for that !

@matt @ivan
Hi! VCam currently doesn’t check for linked Google/YouTube account in your logged-in account when adding a YouTube video background. But this feature is already requested here ->

I know the account profile page has a place to link your Youtube account. At first, I assumed that was the purpose of it. Will this perhaps be how you link it for ad removal?

For now, there’s no way to remove ads (using a YouTube Premium account), as VCam isn’t able to check and use a linked YouTube account upon adding / selecting a YouTube video background.

Interesting feature to be honest, however we are prioritizing other features and fixes for now. So this is not yet in our timetable.

Hi, thanks for your response !

Is there a follow up to this ask in the future development of vCam? Would be awesome to not have the advertisement popups during a meeting or in a stream.

+1 for this feature. YouTube feature is ruined by those huge banner ads, makes it useless.