V Cam Crash caused brodcaster game audio to mute

In the following clip it appears as the v cam software resets, once it does the game sound is muted in live stream. Just wondering if bad luck, or known issue?

v cam 1.2.2004.2201

Broadcaster - 3.9.1912.1008

https://www.twitch.tv/psaguylive/clip/VibrantTardyDonutStinkyCheese (I also see audio on vcam was out of sync, but probably another issue.) Issue did resolve after ending stream and rebooting broadcaster.

I see, do let us know if you encounter the issue again or if anything else comes up.

You did mention that you’re on VCam 1.2. If you have any other problems related to VCam, try running this PTR version of VCam 2.0: